New Mandatory Health Measures: We’re All In This Together

The following public health measures are to be implemented immediately or as soon as practicable.

Federal, State and Local government must implement immediately broadscale testing for nutritional deficiencies. Anyone found to be deficient in key nutrients will be designated a walking bio-weapon and must be quarantined and forced to receive IV nutrient treatments and/or forced oral supplementation and/or nutrient dense food until subsequent tests reveal their nutrient levels are up to a sufficient standard to prevent contraction and transmission of infectious disease, to be determined by scientists.

Additionally, laws must go into effect immediately by Executive Order of every Governor under the State of Emergency that only Organic-certified or better food be available to the entire population, whether legal or illegal, male female or other, black white brown yellow red or other, climate-challenged or climate-content, and every other demographic currently imagined or yet to be imagined. We are in this together, and every citizen or non-citizen resident (until safely deported by haz-mat protected CBP personnel) is responsible for keeping all the others safe. Clinical evidence from peer-reviewed studies published in reputable journals and a careful analysis of all of human history shows that the #1 factor in preventing the contraction and spread of communicable diseases is adequate nutrition. Henceforth only Organic or better quality food will be available to all. Other stockpiles of non-organic food will be destroyed and disposed of in qualified toxic-containment facilities. Any citizen or non-citizen resident attempting to develop, participate in, purchase, barter from or access in any way a black market in non-organic foods will be confined to facilities where they will be force-fed organic or better food until sufficient nutritional levels are achieved to support optimal immune health. They will be considered public health threats to us all until this is achieved.

Special funding will be allocated to develop the organic or better food system production and distribution system. Henceforth all additional costs associated with organic food certification is cancelled and the price of such food will be lowered substantially to allow full access for all. The accuracy, scope and range, and intensive and extensive analysis by organic certification inspectors will be increased to ensure quality. Additional inspectors will be trained and deployed to assess the toxicity and nutrient-deficiency of other foods, and such foods will be destroyed and safely disposed of immediately. The cost of such a program during the transition will be added to the prices of non-organic foods. Special programs will be developed to get all-organic or better food to every citizen or non-citizen resident, including support for small family farmers, home quarantine with haz-mat home delivery until sufficient nutrition levels are achieved, widespread cooking, storage, preparation and consumption education classes, training in home garden and orchard installation and maintenance, and other programs designed to increase food and nutrition education, awareness and appreciation.

Henceforth all citizens and non-citizen residents are required to access adequate sunlight upon their exposed skin according to pro-rated standards, depending on their ethnic and/or racial heritage. See chart of skin melanin content, duration of exposure, time of day and year, and other data in Addendum 1. All laws against nudity on one’s own property are suspended indefinitely so long as the intention is solely to sunbathe. Exceptions will be allowed for religious beliefs, provided adequate sun exposure is achieved upon non-covered skin surfaces. No one shall discriminate against tan lines or other effects of adequate sun exposure such as darkening of skin, and such discrimination will be considered ‘racist’, ‘systemic racism’, ‘implicit bias’, ‘dark supremacy’ and ‘bigotry’. White people in particular shall not be criticized or otherwise discriminated against for not being dark enough, so long as they have achieved adequate sun exposure on sufficient skin surfaces according to the chart and have achieved optimal Vitamin D levels to provide optimal immune health. We are all in this together, and discrimination has no place in our healthy society.

See addendum 2 for food and fish oil supplementation in winter months to substitute for sun exposure when sun angles and times are reduced. Emigration for more melanin-rich skin types from dark cloudy cold regions of the nation to sunny warmer regions will be encouraged but not required, and programs for real estate development to facilitate this necessary demographic shift will be engineered. Private sector profiteering under these programs will be carefully monitored by government, and Jewish and other real estate speculation will be curtailed.

The wearing of any face coverings, masks or shields is hereby abolished. Diminishment of oxygen levels and increase of blood CO2 are known detriments to immune health and contribute to pandemics and spread of disease. Widespread deployment of approved incinerators will be made available in every community, city, town, county, state and household if necessary to safely dispose of the current face coverings, masks and shields all known to be contaminated with the bacteria, mold and fungus accumulated through their improper use. Select few people in specific situations shall be encouraged voluntarily to wear masks for limited times if it is determined they provide a marginal effect, such as surgeons. Everyone else, discard all masks and similar burdens in approved incinerators, and breathe freely of fresh air.

Many other programs and policies are being developed and will be imposed by force of law, with penalties including prolonged quarantine, re-education, forced feeding, and expulsion if necessary. Such programs include but are not limited to:

  • Elimination of all vaccine programs and wide-spread detoxification programs for all afflicted with vaccine poisoning, especially children
  • Nation-wide compulsory exercise and fitness programs, specifically designed for individuals and groups. Outdoor games and friendly contests will be encouraged wherever possible. Discrimination against superior athletes will not be tolerated, and a tiered system of rewards and public recognition for all achievements in fitness and performance will be implemented for all levels.
  • Careful monitoring of caloric intake and calories burned for those afflicted with–and afflicting others with–obesity. This will be concomitant with a thorough restructuring of the FDA food pyramid/plate away from concentration on carbohydrates and reoriented to concentration of healthy fats and proteins. ‘Paleo’ diets will be recommended for those determined to be beneficiaries, especially the obese (30% over ideal fat-to-body-weight ratio)
  • Careful monitoring and radical restructuring of the diets of diabetics and pre-diabetics for glycemic index and sugar content. Programs to assist withdrawl symptoms will be implemented.
  • Other drugs besides sugar, such as toxic ‘recreational’ and/or pharmaceutical drugs will be banned and made illegal, and extensive law enforcement and military (if necessary) efforts will be undertaken to prevent such drugs from entering the nation or being produced and distributed within the nation. Exception will be made for drugs that confer a net improvement in health while not compromising sufficient immune functioning, but such exceptions shall not apply merely to save lives that would be prolonged with compromised immune health. Such cases would be considered prostrate bio-weapons and would constitute threats to the public health.
  • Pilot programs to assess the effectiveness of carefully considered case-by-case euthanasia will be launched. Due to the controversial nature of such programs and respect for religious and other considerations, only the most extreme cases will be considered at first and extensive analysis of the efficacy of such a program will be undertaken. Voluntary participants in the program will be considered first, and will be encouraged but not required by law initially. In the event a case is discovered where obvious and blatant spread of disease is strongly and widely disseminating from a partially-dead body, immediate implementation of the euthanasia program will be considered, based on the judgement of the on-site official supported by medical analysis. All post-death expenses including funerals, receptions, any memorials for notable individuals and other expenses will be borne by the State. The first person who volunteers for the program and is determined by careful scientific analysis to be worthy will have a statue erected in his/her honor, and provisions will be made to defend such statue from defilement, defacement, damage or removal with constant armed guard.
  • Increased and improved monitoring and assessment of mental health will be undertaken. Greatly expanded support for the structure and expression of love within nuclear families will be encouraged and vigorously defended. Any attack, denunciation, criticism or active program to defile the concept of the nuclear family will be vigorously prevented, by force of arms if necessary. This includes any media or ‘entertainment’ or advertising depiction, group manifesto statement, news report or any other cultural, media, government, economic or societal expression against the sanctity of the nuclear family as the basis of societal health and immune functioning to be prevented with extreme force if necessary. It is henceforth declared that the nuclear family structure is the #2 factor in mental and thus immune health, and protecting and enhancing its recognition as such is one of the most effective solutions we can undertake to prevent pandemics and other health emergencies.
  • Extended family structures, or clans, and further including tribes, will also be encouraged, so long as they agree to play nice together. “De-segregation” or “integration” will not be promoted and certainly not enforced, but will be entirely voluntary and both parties will have to agree. Healthy ethnic/racial separation but benevolent interaction outside living, business, worship, and other common spaces is encouraged. Ethnic, racial, linguistic, geographical, cultural and religious/spiritual identity is an important determinant of mental health and thus immune health, and shall be encouraged.
  • The role of the male in families, clans, tribes and society broadly will be supported and enhanced. Mental and emotional health of males contributes to healthy families and society, improving immune health. Happy respected men makes for happy respected women and children, and happiness boost immune health and prevents pandemics. We are all in this together, and that includes men.
  • Sleep and rest are henceforth recognized as important to immune support. Programs to improve sleep and rest will be implemented, including compulsory daily meditation times. Compensation for lost productive time when such programs are applied at work, yet carefully offset by increased work performance, will be considered. Exceptions will be provided for existing religious and/or spiritual practices if they can be proved to have similar effects on immune health as government imposed programs. Babies 2 and under must sleep with parents or other approved adults such as older siblings. Crib sleeping for infants and babies is now outlawed. Government-trained employees or certified trained private contractors will be available for home visits to read approved bedtime stories and/or sing lullabies at approved bedtimes to any who will benefit, child or adult. Sleep times will be set at soon after sundown and full darkness, and wake times at pre-dawn or exact dawn sunrise, with limited exceptions for special cases, such as some artists, necessary nighttime activity such as procreation, essential work (military air traffic controllers and other military and law enforcement activities, drive-in movie operation, fireworks displays) and other activities requiring darkness, excluding criminality.
  • The traumatic practice of male circumcision is hereby outlawed. Anyone attempting to perform such a procedure will be considered engaged in child abuse and will be punished with all applicable laws to the full extent. Those who claim this traumatic process is legal under religious freedom laws will be required to emigrate from the nation and practice their religion elsewhere, or will be forceably expelled. Therapy programs will be made available to any who previously suffer from the trauma inflicted by this mutilation practice. Credible scientific studies show that this practice damages mental health and thus immune health, and makes pandemics and contraction and spread of disease more likely. We are all in this together, and all body parts, male and female, matter.
  • Other programs, policies, practices and public works that support and enhance immune health and public and personal health generally, not limited by cost or expense, but only by the scope and scale of our verified and credible scientific, historical, cultural, racial, societal and religious/spiritual studies, and our imaginations.

These public health measures are to be implemented immediately under the current State of Emergency. Any deviation or delay will be considered a violation of Federal, State, and Local law, statue, Executive Order and/ or ordinance, punished to the full extent. Our public health status is in a crisis situation, assessed to be extreme, and because of this disease is spreading.

These are the primary measures that we all must take together to keep the maximum number of citizens and non-citizen residents (until they can be safely deported) safe and healthy. The State of Emergency will be lifted when certain metrics are achieved according to the Department of Real Holistic Health, which has been purged of medical mafia industry and satanic Bankster influence.

Once our metrics are achieved and the SoE is lifted, we will disclose our pro-active eugenics policies to enhance overall genetic stock health. We will continue to phase out antiquated dysgenics policies such as abortion of healthy fetuses, expensive prolonging of life of dysfunctional individuals, continued breeding of known genetically defective individuals, widespread celebration of known disgenic individuals and groups, ‘equality for all’ ideologies which amount to lowering the common denominator for all, and other dysfunctional disgenic societal programs.

We are all in this together, and we require your cooperation to ensure our nation and society achieves optimal health and happiness now and 1000 years into the future. To victory over disease!