How to Talk to People About Covid–or Anything–2

I use debaters as education opportunities. If anyone else is listening, watching and lurking, I engage, stick to facts, provide the puzzle pieces and let them put the picture together (the conclusion).

I try never to become emotionally upset or offended, no matter what they say. Back to facts. I can stay things that people will never have an opportunity to hear in any other context. It will make them think. Use names, dates, places. Cite sources, authors, documentaries, publishers. Bedazzle them with details. Stick to facts.

“Last year more people died according to the WHO of flu than have died this year of covid. No lockdowns then. Why not?”

“The CDC changed the protocols for reporting covid on death certificates in April. But not for any other disease. Why is that? It affected the death statistics, making covid much easier to be reported as #1 cause of death. I read this on Children’s Health Defense from Robert F Kennedy Jr.”

“Hospitals get a reimbursement payment from the insurance system 3x larger when they put suspected covid patients on ventilators than when they don’t. Do you think that incentivizes them to use ventilators when they are not necessary?”Etc.

Have a few facts ready, roll them out in any opening, and remain calm. Watch people flounder, sputter and struggle to think of what to say. Avoid “It’s a scam!” and “Gates is evil!” and such. But “The Gates Foundation gave $210 million to WA U to build a ‘population studies’ center on campus. Why is bill Gates obsessed with global population? He said himself his father was head of Planned Parenthood.”Etc.

This is the way to engage. Never polarize. Stay out of taking a side, even mildly. Remain calm and never get offended, not matter what trolls say. Facts, facts, and innocent questions. Use every counter-point they make to give more facts. Let them come to the inescapable conclusion.