So: How Are You Doing?

How are you doing? These are the most trying times in world history. The Communists are making their final grab for totalitarian world rule, as the US enters the “Great Leap Forward’ as China did in 1958. Or are we in the “Cultural Revolution” phase? Small difference to the 20-30 million who died of the chaos, starvation, disruption and terror in each phase. We will lose more.

And so we the People need to check in on each other. We really need to organize a Counter-Revolution, the only thing that has ever had any hope against the psychopaths who manipulate our world. But so many are afraid to even go near another human being, and hide their faces in fear and shame and obedience. The psychopaths are shrewd. Many people are simply bewildered and confused and afraid. Then they get mad at anyone who does not comply with Communist demands. This is how a nation of 1 billion formerly proud culturally-rich people was transformed into one enormous prison.

McCarthy was right. And without him and the Senate Committee investigations into Communist infiltration of our government, we have been wide open to full seizure since 1956. Even prior to this, throughout WW2, the Communist-infiltrated FDR administration schemed to give half of Europe and all of China to Communism. We have names. Eleanor Roosevelt was said to have been a formally registered member of the US Communist Party, which took its marching orders straight from Communist USSR.

It went on from there, with formerly European colonial administrations in Africa providing reasonably decent lives for the indigenous populations and Christian charity assisting upliftment replaced by brutal tyrannical Soviet Communist puppet regimes crushing resistance and imposing mass death and slavery. This was all portrayed as “liberation” and “progress” out of “exploitation” and now “white supremacy”.

Wars in SE Asia tried to prevent Communism from spreading, but again Communist infiltration and subversion of US political and military systems combined with Communist-led “anti-war movements” and “counter-culture” programs (sound familiar? China!) undermined the war effort. Finally the US withdrew, mission incomplete, and the suffering peoples of Korea,  Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere were given to the Communist torturers, mass murderers and slavers. The US military was portrayed in Communist media as the brutal aggressor, and veterans were scorned, abused and neglected.

Now the Neo-Communists use refined tactics to make their final grab for their unrelenting goal of world totalitarian rule. The US is the primary target for take-over at this time. They use the pretext of ‘State of Emergency’ behind a phony disease scare to circumvent the Constitution, which was designed among other things to prevent just such a political tyranny from succeeding by granting powers and agency to the People to defend themselves. The right of pubic assembly, the right to free speech and expression, the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, the right to practice religion, and a number of other rights have been decimated by this ‘State of Emergency’ and lockdown lunacy. That is by design.

Curiously, the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms has not been significantly impeded at this time. Why? Neo-Communists know that they must agitate extreme dischord and unrest leading to mass violence between differing factions they create  among the population itself. This is the function of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other agitation and incitement groups. A hot informal civil war in the city streets, towns and countryside is another method Neo-Communists use to further Destabilize society and push it through the Crisis phase as they gradually but increasingly rapidly impose their “New Normal” aftermath.

Let’s briefly mention the 4 phases of Communist Revolution: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization (New Normal).

The statistics for the covid-19 pretext in the US are inflated beyond all reality, not because the US has more disease than the rest of the world (any reasonably aware observer can deduce that), but because the Neo-Communist infiltration of public health agencies, media, academia, government at many levels, tech giants and other key sectors of society is all but complete. Lockdowns causing business closures, unemployment, poverty, escalating mental health, suicide, crime, domestic violence, drug/alcohol and other issues scourge society, while police stations and personnel are attacked by incitement mobs, police funding is decreased, and prisons are emptied onto the streets to add to the chaos.

And so: How are you doing? We know we must organize, prepare, communicate and activate. We are afraid, tired, confused, angry. We try to find like-minded others, restore some sense of community in our increasingly isolated state, wonder at all those wearing masks and social distancing, experiencing a surreality where in the nation of the insane we sane ones appear insane. And we may show ourselves as targets not just to angry fellow citizens who think we are endangering the public health and selfishly defying necessary measures to protect our citizens, but to the violent organized and funded agitation mobs of Antifa, BLM, and the Neo-Communist oppressors themselves.

So how are you doing? Are our numbers and organization growing? Our great fear is the vaccine imposed under coercion of exclusion from participation in the New World Order, the “New Normal”. Will we wait until the 3-person team with digital clipboard, syringe and gun arrives at our door before our full resistance blossoms? That will be their means for the Great Population Cull and Brave New World chemical-genetic stratification of the classes into the walking vaccine zombies and the Overlord World Controller class.

Mass surveillance with ubiquitous biometric sensors and AI data analysis will make the need for Gulags obsolete. Our entire society will become a totalitarian prison, the much-discussed Panopticon (all-seeing society, total surveillance state) the Communists have been assembling for over a century.

So how are you doing, but as important, how are We doing? Counter-Revolution is our only hope. Who are our allies and how do we unite against the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and respond to the most dire historical context any people has ever seen? To so many, how do they even see it? We must find some way to let some of them know. We don’t need a Great Awakening, but to organize those who already understand, and to bring as many of quality out of the great masses of the compliant and subservient into our movement. No sidelines of history exist today. We are indeed all in this together. We have one enemy—Neo-Communism—and one common goal: Freedom.

So share this knowledge with select others where it may help an awakening and inspiration. We have our lives, our freedom and the world to lose or gain.