National Mental Health Diagnosis

Many of the people of the nation are suffering from paranoid delusion and OCD, characterized by irrational excessive fear of a hidden lurking menace and proximity to other human beings. OCD symptoms include incessant hand washing, scrubbing of surfaces, handrails, counters, shopping carts and baskets and many others along with self-confinement at home indoors. This is compounded by increased hypnotic suggestibility due to post and current traumatic stress induced by intense fear, confusion, deprivation and uncertainty.

The nation as a whole suffers from schizophrenia. People are divided from each other, and from within themselves. Positions are polarized to the point of violence over differences of opinion. One side cannot even talk to the other, and this includes within the individual psyche.

Those in positions of leadership have been possessed by the archetype and the shadow King and Queen have become ascendant, expressing the dysfunctional form of leadership in tyrannical rule. A further schizophrenia is developed between rulers and ruled, a disconnect of reality so wide it now appears unbridgeable. Our mass media functions as a communication over this gulf, but it operates to only widen it, as the media is only another aspect of the shadow Tyrant rulership. Distrust of media and government is becoming extreme and chronic.

Finally, basically a few forms of delusion predominate: those who believe the absurd mythologies being presented and act accordingly, mostly out of fear; those who disseminate the mythologies and know they are lies but expect them to effectively control and manipulate the population; those who hold to their own reason-based reality but fear to express it or act on it due to fears of non-conformity, punishment, ostracism, and denunciation as ‘crazy’, or needing to see a shrink. Then there are those who honor reality with courage, determination and truth.

“Only a select few have the moral courage to stare into the molten pit of human reality.” – Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

It may be delusion, or it may be legitimate hope, that these few can find enough others of like mind to organize and avert the immense tragedy should the tyrannical control agenda succeed.

We are suffering from various forms of mass psychosis. Now who needs to see the shrink?