This is RogueOp, Rogue Operator, who discusses taboo topics openly, because the truth tolerates no censorship. Truth leads to all good things: harmony, peace, beauty, justice, balance, love. We know there is a reason some topics are heretical to discuss, and that reason is not for the greater good. It is for evil. Lies, deceit, fabrication, artificiality, propaganda, engineering consent and ‘fake news’ are all evil. Truth is good. Here we discuss truth with no inhibitions and no bullying, while applying careful discernment and evaluation to maintain objectivity and movement toward truth.
In order to discover who rules over us, find out who we can’t denounce. Well, we can. No person or group is above critique and denunciation if appropriate. That would be supremacism, and we are egalitarians. The truth applies equally to all and for all.