Neo-Communist Revolution 2020

You may have seen me use this phrase before. What does it mean? Can it really apply to events in our nation today? Wasn’t Communism in America proved to be a fake paranoid delusion in the 50s when McCarthy was denounced and the UnAmerican Activities Committee disbanded? 

It is difficult for most in America to even study Communist history, strategy, ideology and political presence. It is not much taught and presented in school, media, government, ‘entertainment’ and academia–at least by that term. This has changed in recent years, and the enemies of Communism have begun using it again, accurately as we will see. Communists themselves have also become more open in using such terms as Marxism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism and even the C-word itself along with its most well-known symbol, the hammer and sickle. In America!

I have found a way to study this extraordinary phenomenon of Communism by sourcing books, journal articles, video documentaries, pamphlets, lectures and other materials. I will mention and reference many of them in this essay. This historical context will demonstrate that what we are now in the melee of in America at this very moment is a Neo-Communist Revolution. If there are any actual “Neo-Nazis”, which is unlikely, there are definitely Neo-Communists.

The urgency of this is profound. The only force capable of averting such a horror as a Communist take-over and domination of any nation, is known by Communists as Counter-Revolution. It was known by strong Nationalist resistance fighters from the 20s through the 40s as Fascism, a term which has become so demonized and indeed conflated with Communism itself that I will make no further mention of it here. Nationalist will have to do, since Communism is truly International in its scope and goal: Totalitarian tyrannical domination of the entire world. Nationalists seek to preserve the most functional socio-economic, political, legal, spiritual and racial/linguistic/cultural structure to have emerged from the innate racial nature of every distinct self-identified people: The Nation. Communists seek to destroy this and impose a raceless, propertyless, godless, identy-less, hopeless enslaved global population under a One World Government. 

It should be easily accepted that Communists would work their spells for subversion and take over of the United States. Our nation’s values of freedom, independence, libertarianism, self-reliance, free markets, freedom of religion, speech, assembly, arms and all the rest of the Bill of Rights are all socio-economic and political structures Communists loathe. To subvert and conquer this nation would be the primary battle-front Communists would need to win the world war. 

The UnAmerican Activities Committee was conducting a self-defense in identifying Communist agents within the US government, and removing them. It started with Senator Martin Dies in 1938, a young Richard Nixon was active in 1948, and Joe McCarthy was quite active in the 50s. His committee was infiltrated by Jews Roy Cohn and his colleague, and the Committee was discredited through internal subversion and McCarthy was demonized and propagandized as insane. But basically, McCarthy was right, and without him and the UnAmerican Activities Committee, the nation was wide open to Communist infiltration, which we see rampant today. 

Yuri Bezmenov (real name Schuman, J) claimed to be a Soviet defector who revealed the Communist long-term strategy of weakening our society for Communist rule. The plan has 4 phases: 

  1.  Demoralization – 20 years – Indoctrinate an entire generation with anti-nationalist, anti-ethnic, anti-religious, and anti-family views. Incite feelings of distress, unrest, injustice, outrage. Sow degeneracy with drugs, perverse sexual practices, indolence, lax values, entitlement, other immorality. Call it ‘liberation’ and ‘progress’. 
  2.  Destabilization – 5-6 years – Undermine social infrastructure. Sow criminality, violence, destruction. Engineer economic pressure through taxation, waste and exploitation. Incite dischord and conflict between groups such as men vs. women (feminism), rich vs. poor, workers vs. owners, gays vs. straights, and in America above all, whites vs. POCs, especially blacks. Degrade public health through toxic medicine, pollution, chemical poisons, malnutrition (veganism), undermine faith in law enforcement and justice system, and sow psychological fear and despair. Undermine ability to live independently (dam removal, ‘sustainable development goals’, environmental restrictions). Raise taxes.
  3. Crisis – up to 6 weeks – Launch acute desperate circumstances of conflict (race riots), destruction, extreme deprivation (famine), hyperinflation and collapse of businesses and spiking unemployment, infrastructure break-down (vandalism, targeted sabotage, black outs), environmental catastrophes (fires), release of criminals into society, neutralization of law enforcement (defund police, stand down orders), plagues and mass injuries and deaths, and other crises 
  4. Normalization – Forever – Today it’s “The New Normal”. Impose radically transformative measures as “solutions”, such as wholesale finance reform (Wall Street bail outs, Blackrock brokers between Fed and Treasury, increase debt through massive loans), economic restructuring (elimination of small business, consolidation into Big Business, low-value buy-ups, mass unemployment shifted to welfare), transform education & media & the military & law enforcement & civil society (what’s left), even neighborhood zoning and development (empty the countryside, concentrate people in cities). Above all, impose totalitarian government control through fear & violence in the form of State internal military rule. Call it ‘Homeland Security’. 

Benjamin Freedman spoke to the history of Communism–and especially the Jewish role in it–in his famous speech in 1961. Freedom was formerly a Jew himself, and deeply entrenched in the ways of power, before he renounced his heritage and devoted himself to warning the world. Another key educational experience can be found at Truth Will Out Films, which produced the documentary series Communism by the Back Door, which gives an excellent summary and overview. 

Here we must make the disclaimer, as always, that Not All Jews! are Communists and UnAmerican, and plenty are law-abiding American citizens. And not all Communists are Jews either, of course. But Communism ideologically and practically is predominantly a Jewish phenomenon, from one ideological founder Rabbi Moses Hess to grandson of a Rabbi Karl Marx (Moses Mordechai Levy), to many of the main political operatives who applied Communism so horrifically. But not all.

Before we develop the reasons this has gone beyond classic Communism into Neo-Communism, more context for the specific example of the US is needed. G Edward Griffin explained the full ideology and strategic plan of Communists for the US in 1968. He refers to knowledge US intelligence had of Soviet Communist strategies to use race conflict between blacks and whites in the first 3 phases of Communist Revolution in the US. This itself is a form of Neo-Communism, since many nations Communists try to infiltrate, subvert and dominate do not have enough racial diversity to use race to divide, conflict and conquer. The US does. 

Another way in which we must call our current crisis Neo-Communism is because ‘new’ technologies are being used and will be used much more to dominate and control the world and its people. The impending covid vaccines will inflict a technology not before used in medicine, affecting RNA and DNA. Various forms of vaccine status tracing and monitoring like digital remote readable health approval passports are ready for roll-out. 5G radiation technologies linked with massive satellite and tower deployment will greatly expand the technotronic control grid. Smart meters, smart grids, even smart dishwashers and whole smart cities linked to advanced quantum AI computing and advanced biometric monitoring (face, voice, gait, heartbeat recognition, iris scans, fingerprint reading, temperature sensors, even brainwave scanning) will impose a surveillance state amounting to the fabled Panopticon (the all-seeing society) few of us can imagine–though they have been planning it for decades if not centuries. Even total world-wide CO2 emission sensors linked to central quantum computing to monitor in real time all the world’s “GHG’s” is in development. Planet Surveillance is coming, 

And with so much formerly IRL (in real life) activity such as attending school & church & social gatherings, shopping, banking, even recreating shifting online to “keep us safe” from the deadly dangers of personal human contact, digital surveillance along with the damaging psychological effects of social isolation–“social distancing”–becomes far worse.

I put the word ‘new’ in quotes, because these technologies appear new only to us. The Neo-Communist Cabal has had them for a long time. It would not be excessive to expand the term Communism to include Judeo-Freemasonry, or Illuminized Freemasonry as Nesta Webster rightly called it in her powerful book World Revolution, The Plot Against Civilization published in 1921. There she presents the history of how the Illuminati cult of power (a real historical organization), only 6 years old, infiltrated and took over the world-wide Freemasonic network at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad in 1782, and 7 years later, orchestrated the French Revolution. Note to all current Antifa and BLM Neo-Communist followers: The Reign of Terror followed the French Revolution, when over 300,000 people were killed by guitolline and other means or died from the disruption of food systems, economy, currency, social networks, water supplies… Only 30,000 were of the aristocracy. The rest were the “peasants” and “workers” the Revolution was supposed to “liberate”. Liberty, Equality, Solidarity, was essentially the slogan of the Revolution. I call the French Revoluton a proto-Communist revolution, and all Revolutions since have been orchestrated and directed by one form of Communist cult, if we include Illuminized Judeo-Freemasonry. Judeo is appropriate, since the Illuminati founders were most likely the Jews Amschel Bauer (the first Rothschild) and Jacob Frank the Satanic Judaic cult leader, along with apparent Gentile Adam Weishaupt. The Freemasons went on to become deeply and largely Judaized at the highest levels of leadership. This is well developed in Webster’s second book of 1924, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.

But the early Freemasons were mostly Anglos, and some formed the Royal Society, promoter of the modern ‘science’ in 1660. Anglos were its first director Isaac Newton, founders Charles II, Christopher Wren, and others. The Royal Society today is a major promoter of the covid pretext for Neo-Communist Revolution, as is the Council on Foreign Relations in the US, which is largely Jewish-led. Anglo H G Wells was a Freemason for a time, then split off into the quasi-Communist Fabian Society, better called Cultural Marxist. He studied under Thomas Huxley, grandfather of Brave New World’s Aldous Huxley, at what went on to become Imperial College, from which today’s discredited (probably by design) Neil Ferguson spun out his apocalyptic disease predictions upon which so much of the lockdown measures were based in the US and Britain (along with Gates’ IDM and IHME disease modeling centers, as will be shown). Wells wrote the book New World Order in 1940, and before that the War of the Worlds, and Shape of Things to Come in 1933, both of which feature pandemic plague themes, as well as other advanced technologies we think of as common today. Wells was part of a British ‘think tank’ which helped develop the CFR in the US in 1921, which went on to practice panic programming on the US population with its famous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938. The Rockefeller Foundation also funded that program, which we should include in globalist Communist influence. Much more can be said about the Rockefellers, especially regarding medical mafia and disease programming, with one example being the Rockefeller Medical Research Foundation funding and running the vaccination with bacterial cultures of US troops going to the French trenches in WW1, precipitating the ‘Spanish Flu’, and then magnifying the disease scare through the media/government/academia complex. Similar to what we see today with covid. Another must be the 2010 Lockstep plannng the Rockefellers did for today’s Plandemic.

Even prior to Wells, homosexual humanist E M Forester wrote the short story The Machine Stops in 1909, which depicts cell phones, the internet, and social isolation to an alarming accuracy. See my analysis and a link to read the story HERE (I’ve read this story twice before, once in junior high as part of the public school curriculum, and again in college in the Literature of Utopia class. Hmm.). Highly recommended to understand the deep roots of Neo-Communist influence afflicting us today and soon to come. Other more recent Depictive Programming which relates to Bezmenov/Schuman’s Demoralization and Destabilization phases of Communist Revolution is found in the 2011 Hollywood (communist) movie Contagion, also subject to analysis HERE. Freemasonic numerology, which some may dismiss as fantasy, is a real phenomenon in Depictive Programming (a psychological operation to familiarize us with upcoming social engineering), and is on flagrant display in Contagion, if we know how to look. Hint: look and listen for 3s and 33s.

The covid plandemic too has its Freemasonic and Satanic symbolism generally, most astonishingly displayed blatantly in the posting of the genome sequence for the ‘novel’ SARS-CoV2 Isolate organism, as listed on the National Center for Biological Information database, and published in Nature magazine, a Freemasonic Communist science propaganda outlet to this day established in 1859 by none other than Thomas Huxley. There, we see the 30,000 base pair genome sequence laid out in series of A, C, G, T, the amino acids that make up the DNA of the ‘novel organism. In all the sequence, the same letter only appears in a row as much as five times, thus: CCCCC. But at the very end of the sequence, the letter A appears in a row 33 times to complete the sequence. Of all the links I’ve embedded in this essay, I urge you to go to this one, the National Center for Biological Information, scroll to the very bottom, and behold this for yourselves. To find out how it got there, from two previous ‘replacements’ of the sequence posted earlier, and who is E C Holmes, the only non-Chinese ‘author’ to join the 19 member team for the 3rd ‘replacement’ which features the Freemasonic signature–and for other covid Satanic symbolism–see HERE. Hint: E C Holmes, virologist and evolutionary biologist, was inducted as a Fellow into the Royal Society in 2017. The Royal Society is heavily involved in covid promotion, including offering large grants to organizations willing to do disease computer modeling. Disease Modeling is obviously a key pressure point for Neo-Communists to control.

This is just some of the evidence that reveals the foundations for this covid Plandemic have been in development in some sense for over a century. Communists have used manufactured crises to impose their “New Normal” many times, and disease crises are one of their 4 main pretexts (SARS, Asian Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, Zika, Ebola, Measles, now covid, all within the last 10 years, are all fake disease scares that precede our current patterndemic). Some of the scope and scale of this is developed in the extraordinry 10 essay series State of Plague: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance.

Other fabricated crises used in the Neo-Communist era are environmental disaster (climate change), terrorist attack (911, War on Terror), and economic collapse (2008, today). Famine was also another favorite. The French Revolution was launched by the Day of Fear, when proto-communists of Illuminized Freemasonry burned barns full of food, destroyed bridges so food could not be delivered, slaughtered and stampeded livestock, and set up a certain region of France for famine. They then put out propaganda pamphlets blaming the aristocracy and directing peasants to burn down estates and beat and kill the nobles. Almost 150 years later Stalin sent the Jew Gendrick Yagoda to Ukraine in the mid 30s to impose “collectivized farming” which starved millions of Ukrainians to death, after which Communism was imposed. Yagoda was later “liquidated” by Stalin in his famous Purges. The National Socialists later liberated Ukraine, to the relief and elation of many Ukrainians, some of whom joined the German campaign against the threat of Soviet Communism. The famine in Ethiopia which some of us remember in our lifetime was also orchestrated, after which Ethiopia became Communist. Incidentally, it is from Communist Ethiopia that current WHO director Tedros Adhenom Gebreheyus (sp.) hails, who was also on the founding board of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations, funded by the Gates Foundation, which is advising the President and the Economic Advisory Council with alarmist disease computer modeling ‘projections’. Gates along with for-profit medical patent lawyer partners Intellectual Ventures also funds the Institute for Disease Modeling out of Bellevue WA, which is advising our OR Governor with equally apocalyptic computer simulations of future disease. 

The historical complexity of the greatest Communist Revolution of all time, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and Red Terror aftermath in Russia, when “millions of innocent Russians were tortured and slaughtered without a shred of human remorse” (attributed to Solzhenitsyn), cannot be adequetely presented here (many 10s of millions were eventually “liquidates” throughout the Soviet era, even before WW2). Suffice that many observers remarked on the overwhelming Jewish presence among the Revolutonaries, notably the Netherlands Ambassador Oudendyk in Moscow in 1918, who warned his government of the danger of world-conquering Jewish Bolsheviks solidifying power in the new Soviet Union. His report was included in a British government white paper, later retracted. Others knew that Trotsky’s real name was Bronstein, Zinoviev’s Apfelbaum, Lenin was 1/4 Jewish and married a Jewess, and his #2 in the USSR was Kaganovich, one of many other Jewish Communists. This element of Communism generally and of the Bolshevik Revolution specifically has been suppressed, and I was astounded that it took me 50 years of my life before I ever heard of it. Thus I mention it here. It helps us understand Neo-Communism today.

The other great Communist Revolution of history is of course China. Again not enough can be presented here, but essentially FDR and Churchill abandoned Nationalist Chang Kai Shek and promoted Mao, leading to “The Great Leap Forward” and “Cultural Revolution” when so much of the rich history, culture, art, spirituality and society of China was obliterated, along with eventually an estimated 100 million Chinese. This along with the influence upon FDR and Churchill by Communists, including some Jews, is well presented in the massive book by the 31st President of the US, Herbert Hoover, aptly titled Freedom Betrayed. The tragedy of this is only compounded by the gargantuan problems Communist China is causing our world today as the epicenter of the covid Plandemic, Scamdemic and Patterndemic, as the model for the Neo-Communist techocratic tyranny spreading across the globe.

As terrifying as earlier Communist Revolutions and the inevitable mass slaughter aftermaths have been, it is the technocratic capacities that make today’s Neo-Communist Revolution truly terrifying. Communist China has already implemented such totalitarian technocratic tyrannies as social credit scores, biometric surveillance, student monitoring with electronic forehead bands, 5G radiation, advanced weaponized drones for crowd control, robotic law enforcement, and much else. This is the model for the world, and why China was praised for its immediate totalitarian lockdown, which ‘stopped the spread’ and ‘flattened the curve’. Tyranny makes us safe, you see.

The other main epicenter of modern Neo-Communist technocratic tyranny is Israel. This may more properly be called Zioinist than Communist, though the interrelationship is too complex to explore here. Suffice that there are large overlaps. Whitney Webb (this could be the #2 link I urge you to explore. Wow!) may be the best researcher exposing the tech transfer from the US and elsewhere to Israel, and from there it’s application world-wide, especially back into the US. Many other investments around the world, including Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures, are heavily invested in such Neo-Communist systems as advanced drones for crowd control and surveillance and military uses, biometric surveillance, AI data crunching and automated machine guidance, driverless cars and trains and even someday planes (depicted in the Machine Stops), digital currency blockchain tech, robotic law enforcement, nano-bot injections, and of course the gene altering new vaccines along with some form of digital vaccine status tracking and tracing, whether that be nano-bots included in the injection, the quantum phosphor tattoo, sub-cutaneous micro-chip, self-replicating bio-gel, or other anatomy invasive tech.

Neo-Communists have already gotten into our heads through every media/’entertainment’/academia avenue imaginable and some we can’t, and they want to make it direct. The Neo-Communist Revolution ultimately moves us into the Transhumanist paradigm, and Elon Musk’s (Gentile) Neura-link can put nano-wires through our skulls into our brains for direct behavioral and even cognitive control. No doubt some form of wireless emission tech is developed to do the same, available through 5, 6 and 10 G. 

Communist agendas have always used manufactured crises, prepared in advance not just in planning but in depictive programming that familiarizes target populations to the scam, to run through their 4 phases and impose their “New Normal” totalitarian rule. Today the Neo-Communist Revolution unfolds through the disease pretext, as well as the ongoing race riots we enjoy today. Huge networks of resources and people, money and organization are applied, some in the know, some willing dupes and useful idiots (Stalin’s phrase). A small but immensely powerful Judeo-Masonic Cabal of Zionist banksters, extreme Talmudic fundamentalists (Chabad), Mossad agents, globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, WHO, Round Table and many others, bonded together through Satanic child torture and murder and blood drinking rituals (Epstein/Maxwell-Koch/Wexner, NXIVM/Bronfman Granddaughters Claire & Sarah, formerly Roy Cohn and Rod Rosensteil, notably all Jews), twisted by multi-generational eugenic inbreeding selecting for psychopathic traits and lifelong conditioning into cultivated psychopathy including mutilation and even murder of one’s own children, orchestrate the Revolution from the top of the pyramid of power. They pursue mass slaughter, mass enslavement, mass misery, mass poverty to the point of no one owning property, leading to technocratic totalitarian Neo-Communist global rule. 

It is not unbelievable that such a system is unfolding before our eyes at this time in history. It is unbelievable that it wouldn’t be. Given the 230 years since the French Revolution, the increases in mass mind control through ever-expanding media and education reach, the successful dethroning of religion (one of Communism’s bitterest enemies), the defeat of Fascism/National Socialism/Japanese Neo-Samuris in WW2, the collapse of British and other European colonialism and replacement with Soviet-controlled Communist countries, the vast increase in wealth and power of global banksters such as the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Goldman Sachs, Lazard Brothers, Larry Fink of Blackrock, a few others (almost all Ultra-Zionists), the rise of Israel wagging the US dog and concentrating tech dominance in Tel Aviv, and the incredible levels of stupefaction, sterilization, disabling, poisoning, weakening, demoralization, terriorization, and degradation of so many of the world’s populations, especially in the US (just look around Wal Mart), it is apparent they are succeeding. 

But the spirit of resistance and the fight for freedom is also still strong in many good folks, and resistance is growing and organizing. In the next essay I will review the Counter-Revolutions that have opposed Communism in history–some successes some failures–and what the Neo-Counter Revolution looks like today and into the near future. Hint: It does not require anywhere near a majority. It does require quality though. We have that, and it is growing. 

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