Corona Agenda: Jews of the CFR

Mask-wearing and social distancing and other “aggressive intervention” measures are SHEER RAVING MADNESS! I don’t like to shout, but all the fear of contagion and panic over an “invisible enemy” and “hidden virus” and “lurking menace” is Mass Paranoid Delusion & OCD. Those who don’t believe in these measures clash with believers in a nationwide schizophrenia. The World Controllers are sophisticated, and they have cast a collective hypnosis over significant portions of the population, a hex mind-controlling illusion and pall of fear. It is now Collective Clinical Insanity. 

An experiment in 1938 developed into today’s mass media panic program. The Rockefeller Foundation funded and the Council on Foreign Relations organized the Princeton Radio Project which on the night before Halloween broadcast a version of H G Wells’ War of the Worlds. Wells was a Freemason for a time in the late 1800s, then co-founded the British Round Table think tank that helped form the CFR in the US in 1921. Among the founders was the Jew Walter Lippman. 17 years later, the CFR studied the panic reaction the War of the Worlds radio broadcast incited. About 20% of listeners actually believed martians were attacking the NJ countryside around Princeton from their landing site at Grover’s Mill. Martian death machines were stalking across the land firing laser beams and releasing dark clouds of poison gas. Some people actually grabbed what cherished possessions they could and drove away in panic. Brave men set up barricades in the streets and brought forth their firearms, preparing a desperate noble defense. Some probably wore face masks! Others no doubt denounced them as fools and hysterics. “It’s just a Halloween story!” they must have insisted. It was reported that some poor listeners thought the “Nazis” were attacking, since media at the time had been hyping the “Nazi threat”.

The Rockefellers and their minions along with the CFR members probably laughed as they gathered their data. Significantly, according to Wells the Martians were defeated not by human resistance–that was futile–but by natural Earthly diseases. Wells and his network wanted us to know “invisible threats”,were diseases—not him and his Secret Society.

The Rockefellers, the CFR and the rest of the World Controller Cabal must be laughing today. It is all a dark joke, but of course the results are death and destruction.

I’ve used the term World Controllers deliberately. This term is presented in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, which depicted a chemically controlled strict caste society where whole classes of people are scientifically poisoned into appropriate ranks. Aldous’s grandfather Thomas was a biology professor to student H G Wells in 1884, at what went on to become the Imperial College. This year, it was from Imperial College that now-discredited World Controller agent Neil Ferguson disseminated his hysterical doom predictions of COVID disease: 2 million dead in the US, 500,000 in Britain. Later Ferguson reduced his estimate for Britain to 20,000. A factor of 25. The US claims (numbers are not reliable) somewhat over 100,000. A factor of 20. Incidentally, these wildly wrong predictions—not his first ones by far—are not the reason Ferguson is discredited, at least officially.

Today’s Council on Foreign Relations has been active in the world control through disease scare game. At its top management level its staffing is dominated by Jews.

The current President Richard Haass has been in office since 2003, was a Rhodes Scholar, served in the State Department and the Department of Defense, advised various Presidents, was active in the launching of the Iraq war, etc. Haas was born of Jewish parents in Brooklyn.

Today’s CFR Chariman is David Rubenstein. He is a co-founder of one of the world’s largest investment firms, Carlyle Group. Like Haass, he served a long career advising Presidents and Congressional committees, serving as a board member or Trustee of various organizations including Johns Hopkins Medicine (to which he donated $20 million), Duke University (his alma matter), Tsinghau University in China, the Brookings Institute and the World Economic Forum, all known outlets for the current COVID agenda. Rubenstein’s racial and religious affiliation is obvious.

The first Vice Chairman of the CFR is Blair Effron, another billionaire investment manager. Effron orchestrated many enormous mergers and acquisitions, and is on the board of various education and arts institutions. In a 20 year career in banking he worked at UBS Warburg. The Jewish Warburg banking family was foremost in establishing the greatest financial impoverishment structure in the US, the Federal Reserve central bank. Effron’s listing on Jewish Insider’s guide to donors to Presidential candidates this year, among many others of his kind, indicate Effron is Jewish.

The other CFR Vice Chair appears to be Gentile, though her role as President and Vice Chair of Kissinger Associates global advisory firm shows obvious affiliations with Jewish and Zionist objectives. Jami Miscik was formerly head of global risk management at the now bankrupt—and Jewish—Lehman Brothers. Prior to this Miscik served the National Security Council, and in the CIA as Deputy Director of Intelligence, providing the President’s daily brief.

Many other roles at the CFR appear to be filled by Jews, people with Jewish spouses or Shabbos Goy who work for Jewish/Zionist interests.

The CFR has a vast number and range of statements on the corona agenda, such as:

  • Weaknesses of “global governance” exposed by the pandemic
  • The Think Global Health site which promotes “predicting local disease outbreaks based on consumer behavior”.
  • Another disease scare. Ebola again.
  • After 6 months, “the virus” is still spreading.
  • Feminism in the time of COVID
  • Use of “real-time mobility data” to plan the COVID economy.
  • COVID and climate change redefining national security. (See pic of military personnel in camo and masks in front of a sign reading “We’re all in this together”. )
  • The future of work: virtual meetings
  • COVID in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan…
  • The end of the Old World Order and the New American foreign policy
  • Expanding Africa’s pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • The risk of COVID resurgence (of course)
  • New forms of funerals and cyber-grieving.
  • “Countering misinformation” and censorship (of course)
  • The World Order after COVID depends on America’s “change of national mindset”.
  • Iran’s mistakes (of course)
  • Many many more.

A close connection between the ultra-wealthy Rockefellers and the CFR is revealed by “The David Rockefeller Studies Program—CFR’s think tank—(which) analyzes pressing global challenges and offers actionable steps that policymakers and citizens can take to address them.”  This certainly includes global pandemics, as we will see.

“Each year CFR organizes more than one hundred on-the-record events, conference calls, and podcasts in which senior government officials, global leaders, business executives, and prominent thinkers discuss pressing international issues.” We don’t know about the off-the-record events. The latest event made public as of early June, under the category of “Public Health Threats and Pandemics” was the “Virtual Meeting: Lessons From History Series: Learning From Past Pandemics”. This event features a video, with a picture of a row of eldritch figures dressed in blue robes, white booties and white hoods, masks and goggles leaning over seated victims? sycophants? initiates?, to whom they are administering something into their open mouths from gloved hands. The video would not play however, and my attempts to get any of the other videos for the other “events” would not play either. Perhaps they are for members only. I did find it on Youtube however, so apparently the CFR wants the public to see it.

The Learning From Past Pandemics event was described as: “Panelists discuss the lessons medical professionals and policymakers have learned in combating past pandemics and how such lessons can be applied in the fight against COVID-19 and future crises.” We should be reassured to know our present and future public health is being attended to by the CFR.

The first speaker at the event was Laurie Garrett , a CFR member. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a major node in the COVID web, has a bio of Garrett, which includes too many accomplishments to name. A few highlights: “Ms. Garrett is the only writer ever to have been awarded all three of the Big “Ps” of journalism: the Peabody, the Polk, and the Pulitzer. Her expertise includes emerging diseases, epidemics, pandemics, drug resistance, bioterrorism, planetary health and climate change.” Garrett was senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations until 2017. She wrote her bestselling book The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance in the 90s, and followed up with another bestseller, Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health. Her third book was I Heard the Sirens Scream: How Americans Responded to the 911 and Anthrax Attacks. Garrett has contributed many other writings and speaking appearances on main media and major conferences, especially addressing global plagues as well as her other expertise in terrorism and climate change.

Garrett’s address at the CFR event made wildly false claims that the COVID pandemic is accelerating not declining, in flagrant violation of many other analyses. She went on to compare it to the worst plagues in history, such as the bubonic plague in the 14th century, in which “one third of the European population perished”, and the Black Death in Britain in the 17th century, another bubonic plague outbreak, where “50% of the workforce” was slaughtered. This led to fundamental changes in the structure of society and world affairs, something Garrett and our CFR/Rockefeller Overlords are implementing today on a much flimsier pretext. Many false claims and exaggerated disease-mongering are evident in Garrett’s opening address, but the most glaring is revealed when we see that the World Health Organization numbers for deaths from COVID stand at around 431,000, far short of the 25-50 million who died of the Spanish Flu of 1918 (which Garrett also says COVID surpasses), and nowhere near the many millions slain by the bubonic plagues of Europe and elsewhere. Nor should we accept even these minimal WHO figures, since it is known that COVID is being placed on death certificates when many “co-morbidities’, which amount to simply the real cause of death, are ignored. Besides, the testing for COVID is essentially worthless at identifying the unique virus, if it even exists, and delivers at least 50% false positives, if not 100%. Garrett’s address at the CFR event goes beyond the absurd into blatant disease-mongering panic inducing propaganda.

I find it especially fascinating that “Garrett was one of three scientific advisors for the Warner Brothers motion picture, Contagion, directed by Stephen Soderbergh (J)”. This film of 2011 is obvious Depictive Programming to install familiar acceptance for the surreality we are experiencing today under the Corona Agenda. So similar is the depiction of Contagion to today’s scenario that foreknowledge is assured. Garrett’s role as “advisor” makes her very likely to be among the insider advance planners, or at least presenters, of today’s COVID plandemic.

Another speaker at the CFR event was Julie Gerberding. She is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer at pharmaceutical giant Merck corporation. Most Wikipedia entries have a section titled “Early Life” or “Early Years”, which mention place of birth, family and ethnicity and/or religion, such as we see with Malcolm X or JFK. Not so Gerberding, and I was unable to discover her racial and religious affiliation elsewhere. Why does her Wikipedia entry commence the section “Education and Early Career” with a “template message” identified by an orange exclamation point (!) which states: “Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful”? I assert “contentious material” is important to know, especially on such a World Controller type as Gerberding.

Gerberding received the first Women’s Global Leadership Award in 2014 issued by the American Jewish Committee. Reported in the San Diego Jewish World (“There is a Jewish story everywhere!”), Gerberding is described as “…a passionate advocate for sustainable solutions for global health…” Most likely she is passionate about wealth and world control, as we will see next.

In January of this year, as the Corona Agenda began heating up, Gerberding sold off almost half her stock in Merck Pharmaceuticals, amounting to more than $9 million. Many stock sell-offs and transfers and CEO resignations occurred at this time and prior, indicating advance knowledge, giving credence to the term “Plandemic”. Predictably, Merck’s stock plummeted almost immediately after Gerberding’s sell-off.

Gerberding’s opening statement at the CFR event on June 11 of this year focused on “innovation” as human populations faced devastating disease crises in history. The global medical mafia and disease profiteers at Merck and the other big pharma corporations along with Bill Gates and his vast network, the Rockefellers, the Wellcome Trust, the World Economic Forum, the CDC, WHO, the Royal Society, CFR and others all favor expensive and toxic techno-fixes such as injections, medical devices, and drugs as opposed to basic sanitation, clean water, diet and nutrition and other immune-supporting approaches. Gerberding cites “The Big 5” of smallpox, plague, polio, influenza and AIDS as the “bio-emergencies” of history to focus upon. All five of these have entirely different understandings when looked at using medical revisionist history. For instance, Polio is most likely a paralysis resulting from chemical poison exposure. Smallpox historically also is not to be understood as Gerberding would have us believe. In fact, none of the “Big 5”, including and especially AIDS (chapter 3), occurred as Gerberding and the medical establishment wants us to misunderstand them.

In support of the innovation agenda, Gerberding says, “Necessity may be the mother of invention. We wish we didn’t have so much necessity.” (smiles). Julie and the CFR will work to create necessity where none would reasonably exist, as has become clear with today’s Corona Agenda.

The third and final speaker at the CFR event was Jeremy A. Greene. He is Director of the Institute for the History of Medicine at that major nexus of many strands in the web of Corona Agenda, Johns Hopkins University. Most of us already know about Johns Hopkins’ participation in the by-now infamous Event 201 along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum in October, again “depicting” in the form of a “Pandemic Preparedness Exercise” a global plague from a coronavirus months before the Chinese ever announced the first “outbreak”. Like Gerberding, Greene’s various biographies, including a very sparse one at Wikipedia, contain no mention of his racial and religious affiliation.

A study of the names listed in the Acknowledgements of his 2014 book Generic—which makes the case for paying more for original pharmaceutical drugs instead of discounts for generic knock-offs—gives some clues. His grandmother is named Freedman, and his siblings the Asofskys. Too many among the enormous listings of collaborators and contributors to his book project have Jewish names to mention here, but some notables are Herzberg, Kesselheim, Rosenberg, Levine, Kushner, Wahlberg, Greenberg, Engelberg, Schneeweiss, Schiff, Cohen and many others. Admittedly Jews are largely over-represented in the medical fields, and Greene mentions many Gentiles as well, so this is not definitive.

Greene starts out his statement at the CFR event by joking that he was not rolling his eyes at moderator Julie Finks’ last question to Gerberding about her resignation from the CDC in 2009 (which was a scandal), but at some noise in the background at his home. The thrust of Greene’s statement was that the Coronavirus “Pandemic” may never really end, just as wars in history never really have a definitive end date and consequences continue on beyond the officially declared end. Like Garrett, he too references past pandemics as a “useful frame” in understanding the Corona pandemic today, and like Garrett’s examples, we need good medical revisionist history to escape from the thorough hypnosis story-telling around such farces as H1N1 and Ebola. When he points out how mass fear and media depictions can disrupt and delay social responses while the biological factor—the spread of “the virus”–proceeds faster than our response, Greene is urging us to accept not just the current lockdown measures, but future more extreme ones. Use of such phrases as “danger” and “substantial problems” are meant to compel.

His great example is AIDS, which he says has gone from an “epidemic” to an “endemic”. This means the disease spread continues, but we manage and treat it better. He claims over 700,000 deaths from AIDS in 2018, and that the HIV virus “was discovered and established as a… new causitive agent, and it was clearly understood in epidemic terms” in the 80s. Other research tells us that people are in fact dying of other causes only attributed to AIDS—just like COVID today!–and that no specific unique AIDS virus has ever been identified (see Where is the Proof of AIDS? Ppg. 93-100 )

Greene gets in the obligatory “new normal” comment, and closes with “Right now Coronavirus is seen to affect us all. In ten to fifteen to twenty years, will it still be felt the same way, even if it still persists?” I am no disease expert or professor of disease history like Greene, but I know that Coronavirus certainly does not affect us all equally, and the elderly are far more likely to die from it (if we believe they “get” coronavirus at all, which I don’t), and that children are almost completely unaffected. I also know that “Coronavirus” as described today cannot possibly persist, since such viruses are said to mutate and change, tending toward less virulence.

Last, let’s look at the moderator—or what the CFR calls the “Presider”—of the event, Sheri Fink (member CFR). Her personal Bio webpage makes no mention of her racial/religious affiliation. It states she is “an executive producer of the Netflix documentary television series Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak (2020).” I have not watched this (I avoid Netflix as a Zionist propaganda outlet), but I hear talk that it is obviously social engineering hypnosis for the current Corona Agenda. One viewing of the trailer confirms that Pandemic is disease panic porn of the most grotesque kind. Something that stood out in the rush of images was the child with the gold star on her arm reading “not vaccinated’, and of course the final statement by the white-haired bespectacled Einsteinian agent: “…that poses an existential threat to us as a species.” Close with a flash of an earnest black military officer examining a map, a mob surging through the streets of a third world slum, and an ominous single piano note as the blood-red letters of the title display.

Fink also is a correspondent at the New York Times (J-Sulzbergers), and won a Pulitzer (J) for her work on the fake Ebola scare of 2015.

Fink’s entry on Wikipedia also makes no mention of racial/religious identity, but a footnote about her father the journalist and lawyer curiously takes us to an essay in the Jerusalem Post of 2010 titled “From Pills to Pulitzer”, about Fink and her speech to a graduating class at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Medical School for International Health. The article reports that “Fink was outraged by stories of Nazi medical experimentation during the Holocaust and set up a campus group, Students Against Genocide…” This must have been prior to 1990 during her undergrad years. Hopefully Fink knows that certain Jews themselves have recently admitted that the horror stories of sadistic “Nazi” doctors, especially “Dr. Death” Joseph Mengele are recognized as rank war propaganda, and that Mengele was effective in implementing means of reducing deaths from typhus and other diseases in German prisons during the war.

“Fink first saw the rescue and medical-relief skills of Israeli doctors and nurses at a military field hospital they set up for Kosovo refugees in Macedonia in 1999. She was ‘incredibly impressed,’ as she was again more recently after hearing what Israeli civilian and military medical teams had done in Port-au-Prince.” I haven’t checked, but I don’t expect to see Fink stating she was “incredibly impressed” with the Israeli doctors’ treatment of Palestinian peaceful protestors wounded in the eyes, legs and torsos by IDF sniper fire during the “Great March of Return” last year, or the treatment given to Palestinian children detained in Israeli prison torture cells. Just as Fink investigated and reported on the criminal murders by medical staff at a hospital in Bosnia and won awards for it, is she investigating the murders occurring in US hospitals in New York and Florida as patients are swiftly declared “COVID-19”, sedated for a month or more on multiple IV drugs, and put on lung-bursting ventilators until dead? Will front-line nurse Erin Marie Olszewski win an award like Fink?

This is just one of the many Events the CFR conducts in its agenda to implement world control, in this case specifically through the COVID “Plandemic”. The Council on Foreign Relations led primarily by Jews is doing its vital part as a major node in the web of global power to promote the Corona Agenda leading to the world technocratic tyranny they have always envisioned. They have learned a lot from their initial studies into how to panic a population using mass technological media since 1938. H G Wells, author of The New World Order in 1940, would be proud.

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