COVID Evil: Satanic References in the Coronavirus Scamdemic

The Coronavirus Scamdemic is driven by sophisticated shrewd evil, not simple greed, stupidity and incompetence. Politicians and elected officials especially among Democrats may be infected by niavety covered by a sincere but twisted virtue, but the master plan is imposed by highly intelligent, grotesquely evil, pathologically motivated megalomaniacal psychopaths. Most low-level politicians and bureaucrats may be unknowing pawns, though I suspect some may have been installed as devoted agents, and others somewhat converted afterwards. Aberrants and corruptible people, even if due to over-moralistic motivations, are favorites of the Satanic Cabal for public office.

As proof of the extent of the evil, the most obvious now is HR 6666. It’s no longer even subtle, it’s blatant! This ‘TRACE’ Test, Reach and Contact Everyone Act moving through the House now wants the Department of Health and Human Services guided by the CDC to give out $100 Billion this year alone–and more if needed–to pay various local hospitals, health clinics, universities, high schools, and non-profit organization including churches, and any other entity determined eligible, to hire locals to track down and identify people who might have “the virus”. From there, these new plague sniffers will trace those they determine are infected to find those they came into “contact” with in their various travels. This tracking and tracing hunt could include visits to our doors. The Act specifically states, “at individuals’ residences.” People could be confined to their homes, children confiscated for their and our “safety”, other family members confined in separate housing, and extreme measures no one would consider good. The Act pays for training and salary of these US KGB agents hunting unknowing human plague carriers among us,  and “to purchase personal protective equipment and other supplies.” (tasers?). Well-meaning but overly moralistic people with a deep sense of inadequacy eager to compensate by doing good and helping others are likely to take their share of this enormous funding (also motivated by an unconscious lust for power and importance). They could be showing up at our doors with a righteous sense of benevolence, people we might know from our own neighborhoods and communities. People thrown out of work and solvency by the lockdown of the economy will also be motivated to take the jobs TRACE will offer, just to have income again. The Satanic cult knows how to manipulate people’s emotions and morality. It gets good people to do evil, and gloats about it. 

If asked by TRACErs, I will report that I have made visits without a mask to the offices of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the State Health Authority, the Governor’s Mansion (or wherever she lives), Microsoft home office, and NIAID for a personal meeting with Dr. Fauci. I also sent letters I sealed with my infected spit to every Congressperson who has sponsored HR 6666 (especially main sponsor Bobby Rush, Cohen (J), Wasserman Schultz (J), Raskin (J), Tlaib…) and is approving continuing lockdown measures. 

I should have no need to explain the Satanic significance of the number 666(6). This is well known as the Number of the Beast declared in Revelations Chapter 13 Verse 18. There we see 666 is also the number of a man. Who? Those with wisdom can figure it out. Bill Gates? The number of the beast 666 is depicted in the Star of Remphan, ancient demon god, as the six-pointed star, which the Hebrews “captive” in Babylon (where they thrived and joined with Babylonian society) adopted. It is now on the Israeli flag, transferred there from the symbol used by the first Rothschild (red shield) the Jew Amschel Bauer, who displayed a red Star of Remphan outside his gold and lending shop in Frankfurt Germany. The world’s wealthiest family, the Rothschilds, established the nation of Israel through the Balfour Declaration, and put the symbol of an ancient demon god on its flag.

Of all the bill numbers, why did the US House of Representatives choose 6666? Evil is now in full view. It is openly exercising its control of the US Congress, and it is visibly on the march across the world. The contract tracers who sign up for the money will be the foot soldiers, though most know it not. Yet. Read on.

The Mark of the Beast is also entalgled here. Gates’ “quantom dot digital tattoo” implanted under the skin to allow scanning that determines proof of having received a vaccine could be seen to fulfill the Mark. If the DNA altering vaccine Gates and the evil Cabal want to inject into “the entire global population” makes permanent genetic modifications to the human genome, known and unknown, then according to some views, those who get this vaccine Become the Beast. The Mark reveals it.

In this examination of evil we could include the Microsoft ad for virtual realty goggles released on Good Friday featuring the satanic flesh eating ghoul Marina Abramovic. The ad was quickly flooded with thumbs-down and outraged comments, and was withdrawn and placed on “private only” status. While this ad featuring a known Satanic witch may not seem directly associated with COVID evil, founder and until recently Board Chair of Microsoft Bill Gates is well-known through extensive research by hordes of analysts to be at the center of the coronavirus scamdemic.

The second essay linked to here also presented tight connections between Gates and the evil serial child rapist and most likely child murderer Mossad blackmail ringleader Jeffrey Epstein and his satanic Cabal.  

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the Lucis Trust, which also had leadership by suspected Satanists. Alice Bailey, mentored by the Jewess occultist Madame Blavatsky was a founder of Lucis and operated a publishing outlet called more obviously the Lucifer Publishing Company. The Gates Foundation is listed in the “financial group” of another affiliate considered a subsidiary of Lucis Trust, the New Group of World Servers. It is working to implement “the Plan”, which is not Christian, but includes “building the new world order.”

Anyone making stage speeches and media interviews such as Gates though is likely to be just another front man, however rich and powerful. The Servers are arranged in a hierarchy. Out front are people like Gates, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Al Gore, many others. “The leaders of the New Group of World Servers are those who initiate and carry forward activities which benefit humanity as a whole. These leaders are known by their harmless, constructive and inclusive qualities. They provide the vision and mould public opinion.” Another hidden group lies perhaps at the top of the human hierarchy (a purely energetic presence is also mentioned): “Behind these leaders and the co-operating men of goodwill are the Custodians of the Plan, ‘the inner spiritual Government of the Planet.'” These are the true World Controllers behind visible public figures such as Gates et. at.

It need not be said that no word of this “goodwill” is trustworthy and most likely is a complete inversion of the truth. Ill will.

The following is my most compelling point that the entire coronavirus scamdemic is truly evil. I recently followed some links from the latest Children’s Health Defense article, from RFK Jr’s site. The timeline showed in January Chinese researchers had identified the genomic sequence of the “novel” COVID-19. Now I was interested, because I have been hearing excellent analysts such as from Jon Rappaport, Our Interesting Times and David Icke saying there is no “novel” coronavirus, it’s all a made up scam. So here was a path to finding out. I clicked through a couple sites, and followed a footnote which showed the submission the Chinese researchers–along with one Westerner, E C Holmes–had made to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center & School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. From there it was listed at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of the US NIH, a database known as GenBank where such genetic sequencing identification for organisms is archived. That’s where I found it.

I scrolled down the page, noting many preliminary details, such as the names of the authors (all Chinese except Holmes E C), the fact that the research was published in the prestigious and popular—-but founded in corruption and manipulation of science–journal Nature, and more details. Then I came to the genetic sequence. It is a looong listing of variations of the letters A, C, G, T. Remembering basic science, these are called ‘base pairs’, and they represent the amino acids Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. The listing is presented as groupings of 10, with gaps between, 6 groupings per line, and line after line going down the page. I didn’t count them up. With hundreds? of lines, the sequence is hugely long.

As I was scrolling down casually, disinterested in these groupings of letters except to verify that yes, researchers had in fact identified a “novel” coronavirus, I suddenly remembered something. Over a month ago, Joseph Atwill had said on one of the Powers and Principalities podcasts he does with Tim Kelly that the final genomic sequence of this “virus” ended with 33 A’s. He and Tim chuckled, part astonished, part knowing, since they see through to the evil at the core. At first upon hearing this, I was astonished and outraged, but then skeptical. In talking with my friend, who also listens to Kelly/Atwill, he was excited to tell me about it. When I scoffed and said that sounds like propaganda, he laughed and seemed to agree. I had dismissed it since then. 

Now I was interested. I swiftly scrolled down past all the lines of letters and found the very end of the sequence. It was the very end of the page as well. And there, on the second to last line, the final grouping of 10 letters were all A’s. On the next line, two more groupings of 10 were all A’s. And completing the sequence, 3 more A’s. 33 A’s in a row, completing the genomic sequence of the “novel” coronavirus, known as COVID-19, as identified by Communist Chinese–and E C Holmes–researchers.

To confirm, I scanned back up through the sequence. Nowhere did I see more than four of the same letters in a row together in the sequence.

Now let’s be clear what this means. Rappaport, Atwill/Kelly, Icke and a few others are right: There is no “novel” coronavirus. Not only is the genome sequence as submitted by the Chinese researchers and their colleague E C Holmes a fraud. It is evil! It’s all a Satanic joke! 33 is a Freemasonic signal number. The Freemasons are said to have 33 levels of membership, with only Jews and a very few special Gentiles achieving the pinnacle of Satanic initiation to the top of the hierarchy. Many analysts have noted the subtle display of the number 33, or 3 alone, in Hollywood movies and other media. The 2011 movie Contagion, which depicts our current dilemma almost exactly, is particularly flagrant in displaying 3 and 33. Other numerology is also signaled, such as 11, but 33 has emerged as the primary Satanic symbolism lurking in our public consciousness, implanted by the Luciferian overlords. And they are signaling again to us with their phony genomic sequence, ending in 33 A’s.

I double-checked and was fascinated to see that the January 17 posting of the genome sequence was a “replacement” of an earlier one posted on January 14 to the Department of Zoonoses, National Institute of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing. I went to that posting and saw that Holmes E C was not among the authors, only Chinese authors. The end of that genome sequence displayed no 33 A’s, only the usual random sequence of letters. But this posting was also a “replacement” of an earlier one, on January 12. It too had only Chinese authors and no sequence of A’s at the end. It too was submitted originally to the Chinese CDC in Beijing .

With each “replacement”, the title changed:

January 12 – Wuhan Seafood Market Coronavirus Isolate…

January 14 – Wuhan Seafood Market Pneumonia Virus Isolate…

January 17 – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Isolate…

Why did they switch the 1/17 submission from the Chinese CDC in Beijing to the University in Shanghai? Why the change in titles, finally settling on the second most popular name after the otherwise ubiquitous COVID-19, SARS-Cov2? Who is E C Holmes?

E C Holmes and the Cornoa Conversion to Evil

Edward C Holmes is an evolutionary biologist and virologist currently a Professor at the University of Sydney Australia. In 2012 he became a National Health and Medical Research Council Fellow. Funding for Holmes’ work has come from:  Royal Society, the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Research CouncilRhodes TrustWellcome Trust, United States National Institutes of HealthNational Science Foundation, Australian Research Council, and Australian National Health and Medical Research Council.

Of these, the Royal Society stands out as an epicenter of world evil. “The Royal Society is the oldest and most respected scientific society in the world…” It formed in 1660. “…the Royal Society founders were the first scientists and the last of the sorcerers.” Most of the founders were Freemasons, including Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton, and King Charles II.

This is not the place to present the history of the Royal Society, but let us look at the role it is playing today in the Coronavirus Scamdemic. Of course, “Fellows of the Royal Society and people that we fund are contributing to the UK and global effort to tackle Coronavirus COVID-19.” All the standard war propaganda is presented, the quest for a miracle vaccine, control of the narrative and suppression of dissent, and attempts to drive the prediction panic through control of computer modeling. This last control point is essential, as I showed the role of computer modeling in previous articles about Bill Gates. The Royal Society developed Rapid Assistance in Modeling the Pandemic (RAMP), and got 1800 offers to “help” on its initial “call for volunteers”. The goal of RAMP is “to enhance modelling capacity in time to create a clearer understanding of different exit strategies from the current lockdown.” They hope “RAMP will allow more robust and comprehensive predictions than would otherwise be possible.” Count on it, the numbers will be apocalyptic.

Should we have any doubt of Royal Society affiliations, it has given out Microsoft, Esso (oil company) and Glaxo-Smith-Klein awards, among others.

The Royal Society convenes the G-Science Academies every year since 2005, bringing together the science academies of the “G7 nations, (USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan), Russia (G8) and other nations.” This year they released “The Critical Need For International Cooperation During COVID-19 Pandemic“, emphasizing “URGENCY OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION” (caps original). This is one way the cult of World Controllers at the Royal Society coordinate the international scam.

The Royal Society is active in making Artificial Intelligence acceptable to global populations. It has modules and papers on “AI, Society and Social Good”, “You and AI”, “AI Narratives” and others. Its cutesy cartoon video called “What Is Artificial Intelligence” explains for the lay person and children, and includes “assisting unhappy motorists” in challenging parking tickets using an app. The blessings of AI.

E C Holmes was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2017. His picture featured on his Wikipedia page was taken at his admissions day to the Royal Society. Holmes’ research into virus evolution and how they can jump species is very supportive of the current theory being used to lock down the world. His particular focus in the past on such lucrative diseases as Hepatitis C, influenza and HIV makes him quite valuable to the international medical profiteers. He also makes predictions for what new diseases will afflict humanity in the future and how they will spread. He helps indoctrinate future “virus hunters” with textbooks he has authored, and mentors impressionable younger researchers to keep their focus on viruses and ignore other health factors. Likely Holmes has never read “Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense“, because he’s one of the inventors.

Here’s a listing of grants the Gates Foundation declared it gave to those who funded Holmes’ research:

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

-$8 Million – 2010 – 3rd world agriculture studies

Wellcome Trust

-$450k – 2016 – “to bring the bioethics community, both international and developing world, together and shift it towards a more practical, enabling community for global health technologies and interventions”

– almost $200k – 2010-2015 – disease and global health studies

National Institute of Health (and NIAID)

-over $23 million – 2019 – malaria studies of “genetic vector control tools”

– over $15 million – 2019 alone – various including NIAID grants (Fauci’s agency) for vaccine development, “global health”, population studies, “innovative technology solutions”, etc.

Note: providing grants to subvert bio-ethics must be considered evil.

On March 17th of this year, in a sub-journal of the science psy-ops journal Nature known as Nature Medicine, five authors published a scientific article titled “The Proximal Origin of SARS-Cov-2“. It’s purpose was to reject the growing suspicion and evidence that “the virus” was bio-engineered. Using scientistic language too complex for anyone but an evolutionary virologist, the conclusion became clear: “(There) is strong evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is not the product of purposeful manipulation.” “…we do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible.”

Anong the five authors? E C Holmes.

This paper’s elaborate and detailed analysis of the COVID-19 genomic sequence contained no explanation nor even mention of the extraordinary 33 A’s that complete the sequence. This is strong evidence that the genome sequence listing in the NCIG is the product of purposeful manipulation. A highly likely conclusion is that Holmes tacked on the 33 A’s as commanded by his Satanic masters behind the Royal Society to convey their Luciferian hoodwink, the hidden joke. The fact that the Royal Society was founded by Freemasons, and that the number 33 is paramount in Freemasonic numerology, supports this conclusion.

The further conclusion is inescapable: The entire coronavirus scenario is not just a hoax and scam, it is the blatant emergence of evil into our world. So when Democrats and progressive do-gooders–and anyone else–proclaim their virtue in trying to keep us “safe”, in eagerness to help the elderly and the “immune compromised” and “the most vulnerable”, let’s help them understand they are colluding with evil. Any cooperation with the entire coronavirus phenomenon is cooperation with evil. We must reject it wholesale.

For Good.

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